Straight Steel Wire 3D Panel Machine

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Straight Steel Wire 3D Panel Machine

This Straight Wires 3D Panel Production Line is to produce Steel Wire Mesh covering both sides of Expanded Polystyrene(EPS) boards with cement for construction walls, roofing and insulation. The alternative lightweight filling between the mesh wires could be EPS, mineral wool and glass wool.

1. Galvanization steel wires   2.Flame retardant EPS   3.Concrete coating
Straight Steel Wire 3D Panel Machine Application:
Lightweight straight wire 3D panel has a good performance in terms of strength, insulation, soundproof, anti-flammability and anti-seismic. It can be applied in the facade of the rising building, lightweight internal insulation of load bearing walls, ground, and roof panels. Main features:
1. The upper and lower wire meshes and EPS panel are welded into 3D panel through Straight Inserted 3D Panel Welding Equipment. Meanwhile, it can manufacture Single-Sided 3D panel applied in external wall insulation system;
2. This equipment adopts pneumatic system to ensure the stability, high reliability and durable life expectancy;
3. It has self-inspection and automatic alarm system, which is easy to operate and maintain;
4. It is capable of producing two types of steel meshes- single-layer mesh panel and double-layer mesh panel;
5. The welding machine welds the horizontal and vertical wires to form a steel wire mesh. Mesh Width: 12000mm. Grid Size:50 x 50 mm or 50 x 100mm;
6. PLC control system automatically straightens, welds and cuts the steel wire;
7. Type A machine has the mechanical transmission system;
8. Type B machine makes use of the integrated straightening and cutting system to ensure stable operation and high accuracy;
9. The Automatic Alarm Device is easy to operate and maintain;
10. It will automatically cut the steel wire mesh according to the pre-set mesh length and drops into the mesh cart.

Mineral wool mesh panel can also be produced.
Straight Steel Wire 3D Panel Machine How to prevent 3D Panel Wall from cracking?
1. Mould the samples in comply with the design. The surface of the panels should be even without any splicing.
2. After the transportation, the panels should be erected while stacking and moving to avoid the deformation. If the panels are over distorted, they should be cropped for usage instead of putting on the wall directly.
3. Gaps between panels, auxiliaries of doors and windows and reinforcement should be bonded with mesh by clamps. External panel gaps can be filled with polystyrene sticks.
4. The concrete applying process should be strictly carried out. First, the basement mortar, treatment agent and anti-crack agent should be sprayed. After it's consolidated, the surface mortar and another layer of anti-crack agent should be applied.
5. To prohibit the deformation of one side of mortar walls, props should be structured on the non-sprayed side of the walls. Both wall sides should be sprayed one after another instantly, the surface mortar can only be applied after the basement is done for the reduction of the uneven bearing of one panel.
6. Pipes and electrical should be installed before spraying/applying to avoid the punching.

NO. Items Type/Unit 3DAP-3B 3DAP-4B
1 Production Capacity M2/hr 60 40
2 Product.Dimension mm (2000-6000)x1200x(40-100) (2000-6000)x1200x(40-100)
3 Welding Intensity N Pull-off force for
each spot≥330
Pull-off force for
each spot≥680
4 3D Panel Lateral Bend mm ≤L/660 ≤L/660
5 3D Panel Diagonal Error mm ≤5 ≤5
6 3D Panel Welding Defect Rate % ≤3 ≤3
7 Steel Wire Diameter mm 2.0-3.0 3.0-4.0
8 Power Supply   380V, 50Hz, 60KVA 380V, 50Hz, 75KVA
9 Max. Outer Dimension mm 16000x1850x2600 16000x1850x2600
10 Machine Net Weight kg 6000 8000